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Charities & Projects We Support

About Our Charity Partners and Projects

One of the main missions of Whatlabel is to help fundraise for amazing projects and charities in the UK who support young people, adults and families with Autism, Mental Health and Physical Disabilities.

Aswell as donate 100% of all donations, We also wish to donate the profit raised through the sales of our products to our carefully selected partners. Below is a summary of each project and charity who we will be funding for the next few years.

Currently we have no plans to expand our charity partners at this time, but we welcome WhatLabel Champion Applications through our affiliate program to help us advertise and promote our brand, and also share your stories raising awareness. Please get in touch if you are interest at hello@whatlabel.org.uk or visit our affiliate registration page.

Clearly Speaking

Specialist Children and Family Support Centre

Clearly Speaking is an approachable, professional, caring support service for families and frontline professionals. We offer independent specialist support for all families and individuals in and around Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties who have children/young people or adults from birth to 25 years of age who have any level of special needs and disabilities. Due to increased demand, we will also be holding activities and support groups for adults over 25 years. 

We have over 15 years of experience, having designed specialist support programs and intervention which have not only been adopted by numerous other charities and support services, but for the sole benefit of thousands of families who are members of Clearly. We have the needed privacy at our local Buckingham Centre to meet with families or young people, as well as the space and independence to offer all our services and support/activity groups onsite for all families who come to Clearly Speaking.

AMHA | Autism Mental Health Awareness

AMHA I Autism and Mental Health Awareness was created by Sonny Hawkins for those living within the UK, supported by Fixers, an organisation that gives young people a voice, and a charity called Clearly Speaking, a Specialist Children and Family Support Centre in Buckingham for those with Autism, Mental Health and Learning Difficulties.

AMHA has one mission, to raise a more accurate awareness about those on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD), those who have Mental illnesses, and a special emphasis on those with comorbid conditions alongside their Autism. Our hope through educating the public, is to make positive change to end the misunderstandings / misconceptions which in turn battle the current stigma attached to Autism and Mental Health, and hopefully encourage more openness and honest discussion about people’s own difficulties and seek earlier intervention no matter what age, gender or ethnic background they come from.

AMHA was not created to tell you how to feel, or make assumptions about you, Autism or Mental Health. We recognise and embrace the differences we all experience which is why AMHA was not built based on one person’s perspective living with Autism, Mental Health or Comorbidity. The purpose of this campaign is to build and share a community of different, inspirational, colourful points of views and perspectives living with Autism and or Mental Health.

The NeurodiversityFoundation

We are a new non-profit organisation created by Sonny Hawkins and Annamaria Hawkins in response to the amazing response to Sonny’s first project, Autism Mental Health Awareness which launched in 2017 with the help of FixersUK.

The Neurodiversity Foundation will be the new home for many planned, exciting projects, aswell as facilitate the expansion of AMHA, Gizmonatics and our latest mental health clothing range, whatlabel.org.uk. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with Mental Health, Autism and physical disabilities.

The Neurodiversity Foundation will be launching hopefully by the summer of 2018. In the meantime, please check our amazing share platform amha.org.uk, where we have an amazing growing community of contributors all dedicated to raising awareness about Autism and mental health.

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