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We are on a mission to become the UKs first anti-stigma clothing brand. We are taking up the mantle from our sister project AMHA, but taking it one step further by creating new clothing collections which promote awareness and understanding around Autism, Mental Health and Disabilities, except this time, your the canvas! Tackling this worldwide climate of stigma is an ongoing challenge, and we are certainly not going to fix things on our own, however we do want to contribute to the work being done by thousands of amazing individuals, if we can do this while raising some funding for worthwhile projects and charities, its a win win for us.




On launch we were proud release our first in a series of Mental Health collections, however we are not just raising awareness around Mental Illness, we want to tackle Autism and Disabilities, challenging peoples perceptions.

Sonny, the person behind Whatlabel is in a perfect position to do this, not only having enough Mental Health diagnosis to fill a CV, but he also has Autism and physical disabilities to put the cherry on the top. Sonny is very passionate about raising an accurate perception, not only based on his own experiences, but that of the online communities who are extremely vocal and open about their lives and how they cope everyday with their various conditions and circumstances.

We have many new designs and unique collections dedicated just to Autism and Disabilities for 2019-2020, we we cant wait to show them to you!



Do you have an amazing clothing or accessories product, we are always on the look out for all kinds of collections of products which promotes Mental Health, Autism and Disability Awareness, if you are interested in selling your products with Whatlabel get in touch with us at hello@whatlabel.org.uk.

We are especially on the look out for great designs suitable for posters and wall art aswell as offer more specific products for people on the Autistic Spectrum suchas Weighted Blankets/clothing, sensory toys and Mental Health Awareness jewellery.

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