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Anti-Stigma Clothing and Accessories

We donate profit

Your purchase helps us send donations to mental health charities

Printed on Demand

Every order you place is printed fresh and sent straight to your door!

worldwide shipping

Thanks to our partner Printful, We can dispatch your orders worldwide.


Help! my order hasn't turned up.

First, huge apologies!

Please contact us at hello@whatlabel.org.uk, if we can't locate your order via tracking we will either offer you a full refund or get a new order sent out straight away. 

We will also Double check your address and contact information used by the delivery service you paid for at checkout.

What payments do you accept?

We accept all major cards including Apple and Google pay.

All card payments are processed via our payment provider Stripe. Our website is HTTPs secure and we abide by GDPR so we collect the absolute minimal data about our customers.

We appreciate some Customers prefer to use PayPal, however due to higher fees When compared to stripe, we decided not to Accept PayPal payments for now.

Can i get a vat receipt?

Absolutely, Please contact us at hello@whatlabel.org.uk with your name and order number and we will send one over to you.

Please note that the paper receipt that comes inside your package is not a VAT receipt. 

Do you do custom designs for events?

Yes! If you like one of our designs for an event, business, or charity giveaway but want your branding included, or you have a design you would like to use, we can print on a large array of products including prints, homeware and a huge variety of clothing including a limited range of sportswear. For an additional fee we can create custom designs and send them to the printer next day.

We also have a large catalogue of blank products for our everyday customers we can print onto, we appreciate our current stock is limited while we are still growing so if you are looking for something specific, or would like one of our designs on something thats not stocked, contact us at hello@whatlabel.org.uk and we will be more than happy to help!

Why Print on Demand? What does this mean for customers?

We dont want to just explain Print on demand to you as thats what Google is for. We want to explain why we use Print on demand compared to the traditional way of running a business.

Simply put, we learned from our competition across the pond. WearYourLabel was an amazing brand but the owners failed to take their own mental health into consideration when running a business. When the company collapsed, they left many customers in the dark as to their lost orders, many losing a lot of money without refunds, many of their customers had mental illnesses themselves causing a great deal of stress and anxiety by the owners who were advocating for mental illness which was very unfair and inconsiderate to their loyal customers.

Whatlabel is not a large company like WearYourLabel, we are a small eCommerce site which means we have lots of room to make changes as we grow. We are the new guys on the block and thats how we like it. From the start we were fully aware of our own mental health and disabilities including what we would need to ensure we didnt allow our conditions to affect customers or the running of Whatlabel. The last thing we want is to cause disruption, upset or create a business that becomes stressful or overwhelming resulting in mistakes, delays and quality issues. Whatlabel was built from the ground up to integrate with an amazing print on demand company called Printful.

As customers, what this means for you when placIng an order on our website, instead of us packaging and shipping your order from existing stock, what happens is your order will be sent to Printful (a worldwide printing company) they will select a Blank version of the product you ordered and print our design fresh onto it, they will then do a quality check and then package and ship it from their fulfilment centres located around the world. If something goes missing, gets broken or is of poor quality, Printful will ensure a smooth return and refund for you. They take care of the back end for us while we take care of the design, branding, website and advertising. This protects customers and if we need to take some time off due to our disabilities, our website will continue to function automatically, and our customers will be able to continue buying products and receiving them without any interruption.

The only downside is slightly longer dispatch times as Printful has to print your product first before sending it, but this also means its brand new just for you, no one has tried it on, plus it hasn't been left in a box at the bottom of a basement. It also means if you want something a little more custom for an event, we can create something really quick and get it printed next day, something a traditional business would struggle with.

We hope you understand our reasons for using Print on demand. Its not the traditional approach to running a business,  but so far its enabled us to run a small eCommerce website that has a big impact. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Do you do sponsorship deals?

Yes, since launch we have had a busy two years featuring our products at various events we have sponsored around the UK.

We are always happy to hear from you about ideas for sponsorship. We also accept sponsors for our own brand and are on the lookout for 2020.

Important note: We are a small growing eCommerce business that donates most of our profit. As we are dependant on Print on demand, we dont keep large amounts of stock and we are not able to fund large giveaways. It is not of any benefit to us to sponsor inappropriate events so please keep in mind our brand mission and goals.  Unlike most brands, we have to be extra sensitive as to who we work with due to the subject matter we represent, we are dedicated 100% to raising awareness around Autism, mental health and disabilities, the last thing we want to do is support something that goes against our brands core identity.


I love your brand, how can i help support you?

We get lots of fan mail from our followers and customers asking how they can support us. We are so pleased that our brand is growing in recognition.

The obvious way to support us is through donations to our chosen charities and the purchasing of our clothing.

Another way you can help is by sharing our content on social media, perhaps you would like to be an affiliate and help us advertise our brand on your blog, website, or publications. We are also happy to receive sponsorship deals and blogging opportunities.

Finally the ultimate way you can support us is by wearing our products and posting images on social media (Dont forget to tag us). We are always on the lookout for images to use in advertising.

Returns and Refunds

One of the worries we had about creating WhatLabel was the stress of starting a new business and the affect it would have on our own Mental Health and physical disabilities, so it was decided from the beginning to source a company who could help us print and ship all our orders aswell as handle returns and exchanges leaving us with more time to do what we do best, creating an amazing clothing brand.

Thanks to our On-Demand printing partner Printful who takes care of each order, We now have a great selection of suppliers which ensures our customers are getting the best quality merchandise, because all our products are made on demand, this means none of our products are mass-produced, we dont have any waste, or throw away any products, this also means we dont keep any physical stock.

Each product ordered is printed fresh by Printful just for you, boxed and then sent straight to your door anywhere in the world.

Because we dont keep a physical stock, and each order is printed just for you, we kindly ask our customers to be extra vigilant with sizing, colours etc. when making an order and double check our returns policy below.

Reasons we will not accept Returns:

  • You meet our other returns criteria but you have asked for a refund after the 30 day return period.
  • You have buyers remorse such as change of mind about colour, design etc…
  • We cannot accept returns for wrong size so please make sure you double check the sizing chart which we have added to each product.
  • Unclaimed – Shipments that go unclaimed are returned to our suppliers facility and you will be liable for the cost of a reshipment.


Reasons for Returns accepted:

  • Your item arrives damaged or an error has occurred and you have received the wrong order.
  • Your product is of poor quality, or their is a printing defect (which we are hoping will never happen).

We are always happy replace free of charge or issue you with a refund (minus shipping) as long as it’s within 30 days.

If you send an item back without contacting us first, you will not be refunded! 

How can I return a product?

1. Contact us at hello@whatlabel.org.uk and tell us about the problem. We will be happy to help!
2. We’ll let you know what the next steps are and send you the return address.


We will also be as flexible as we can as at the end of the day we want you to be happy and enjoy our products. We will always try to help if your not sure.

Get in touch at hello@whatlabel.org.uk 

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, thanks to Printful, we are able to offer worldwide shipping. Please remember that shipping times can vary and we are not responsible for any import taxes or delays caused by your local postal service.

To quote a great episode of The Big Bang Theory, We cant offer same day dispaTch LIke Amazon since they dont have to glue their own books together! Because All our products are printed on demand, please expect a slight delay in dispatch times. If you are ordering for an event, we strongly advise you to place your order in plenty of time.

Worried about where your item is? Dont worry most of our delivery options provide tracking, simply check your account or look out for our email with your tracking info. If you cant find the tracking link please contact us and we will send it to you.

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